A Brief Guide Mobilink Jazz Weekly Freedom Offer 50 GB Data, 1000 All Network Min & SMS 

Moblink Jazz Weekly Freedom Offer has a reliable and reasonable mobile phone plan whether you want to make calls, ship texts, or use the net. One such choice that has gained popularity is the “Weekly Freedom” bundle, which offers 50 GB of data, 1000 all-network minutes, and SMS for just Rs. 430 (including tax). In this complete guide, we’ll go into first-rate elements approximately this package, masking its advantages, and how to join up for it. And matters to keep in mind while the usage of it. Watch this area to see how you may benefit from the freedom of staying linked while not having to spend a fortune.


Mobilink Jazz Weekly Freedom Package


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Learning about the Jazz Seven Days Package

  • Subscription Fee:

Rs. 430 (Including Tax)

For about Rs 430, the Weekly Freedom package deal is a splendid cost for each person who needs a number of minutes, records, and SMS.
Moreover, taxes are protected on this all-inclusive cost ensuring that you won’t be surprised by any additional prices in your very last price.


How to Subscribe to Freedom Offer?

  • Subscription Code

Dial *737#
Subscribing to the Weekly Freedom bundle is as clean as dialing *737# on your cellular device. Within seconds, you will be on your manner to enjoying 50 GB of facts, 1000 all-community mins. And SMS for the following seven days.


  • Validity:

7 Days
As soon as subscribe, you may have to get admitted to the Weekly Freedom package deal for a complete week. The bundle starts off evolved from the day you spark off it and ends at the hours of darkness at the last validity day. This guarantees you get the maximum out of your plan.


  • Checking Your Status:

Dial 7372#
To check your package deal status, truly dial 7372#. You can easily view your usage and remaining balance for recordings, minutes, and SMS thanks to this practical function.


  • Information about Bundles:

Dial 7373#
Dial 7373# to get all of the data you want. that is specifically beneficial in case you want to maintain track of your data intake.


How to Make the Most of Your Weekly Freedom?

  • Non-Recursive Package

It is essential to notice that the Weekly Freedom bundle is non-recursive, which means that once your seven days are up. You may need to dial the package deal string (*737#) once more to resume your subscription. Make sure to set a reminder so you don’t run out of connectivity.


  • Data Usage in 2G/3G/4G Areas

The 50 GB of statistics blanketed within the Weekly Freedom bundle may be eating up in 2G, 3G, and 4G community regions. This adaptability guarantees that you can stay connected no matter where you are.


  • Overage Charges

Within the occasion that you exceed your information restriction or exhaust your one thousand minutes. And SMS before the bundle expires, overage expenses will be observed. You will be charged Rs. 2.25 consistent with MB for data usage past the allotted 50 GB.


  • Factors Affecting Internet Speed

Whilst the Weekly Freedom package gives excessive-velocity internet, it is vital to understand that the actual net pace can range based on numerous elements. these consist of your SIM card, tool, the web pages you access, the time of day, the range of simultaneous users, and your proximity to 2G, 3G, or 4G network websites. hold these factors in mind for an most excellent internet experience.


  • Base Rates for Non-Subscribers

If you aren’t subscribed to any information, name, or SMS package, it’s vital to recognize the base costs. statistics utilization without a bundle will be charged at Rs. 5 per MB call at Rs. 3. 5 in keeping with 60 seconds, and SMS at Rs. 2.5 per message. To avoid those rates, make sure to spark off the Weekly Freedom package deal.


More Information About The Weekly Freedom Offer

  • How do I subscribe to the Weekly Freedom package?

You can subscribe by dialing *737# on your mobile device.


  • Is the Rs. 430 fee inclusive of taxes?

Yes, the subscription fee of Rs. 430 includes all applicable taxes.


  • What happens if I use up all the data and minutes, or SMS before the package expires?

In such cases, overage charges apply. You’ll be charged Rs. 2.25 per MB for data usage beyond the 50 GB limit.


  • Can I use the data in both 3G and 4G network areas?

Yes, the data included in the Weekly Freedom package basically can consume in 2G, 3G, and 4G network areas.


  •  How can I check my package status?

You can check your status by dialing 7372# on your mobile device.


  • Is the Weekly Freedom package automatically renewed?

No, the package non-recursive. You will need to dial *737# again to renew it after seven days.



The Weekly Freedom package gives a fantastic deal for folks who need enough data, minutes, and SMS without breaking the financial institution. With its low-cost pricing, honest subscription process, and flexible utilization alternatives, it’s a really perfect choice for staying linked in the cutting-edge virtual age. Do not forget to hold a watch for your usage, and if you have not already, dial *737# to enjoy the advantages of fifty GB of facts, 1000 all-network minutes, and SMS for just Rs. 430. Don’t leave out the liberty to attach each time and wherever you need it.


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  • https://jazz.com.pk/prepaid/weekly-freedom

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