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What Is OPhone Stag X321 Price In Pakistan?

OPhone is the latest smartphone mobile brand recently started working in Asian region. Now in the month of January 2023 the company has introudced their latest mobile phone with the title of “OPhone Stag X321“. It is available in Pakistan with a price cost of only 5599 PKR. At the early launch this handset has get very positive reviews from all the mobile phone reviews websites. But you must know all the specifications and features of this android phone before finally decide to buy it.

What Is OPhone Stag X321 Price In Pakistan

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What Are The OPhone Stag X321 Feaures?

  • Build & Body Features

The Build Dimensions of 146.5 x 71.5 x 7.3 mm and Weight of 100g complete a smart and weightless machine that is comfortable to carry about. The device is created with a Dual-SIM segment that permits users to have two SIM cards in one appliance, which is ideal for individuals who frequently travel or ought to keep confidential and work numerals different. The appliance comes in two traditional shades-White and Black – which are both timeless and appropriate for any experience.

The White color choice gives the device a clean and minimalistic face, while the Raven paint option provides it with a more cultured and refined communication. The small configuration and lightweight structure of the device driver, it is easy to handle and relaxing to use for the illustrative duration. It also allows for a larger screen-to-body proportion, delivering better viewing knowledge for users. General, the Build Dimensions of 146.5 x 71.5 x 7.3 mm, Weight of 100g, Dual-SIM characteristic, and definitive color options make this instrument an ideal choice for anyone looking for a small, lightweight, and adaptable smartphone.

  • Display & Screen Specs

The display of a machine is an important element of the user’s background, and this device features a 2.8-inch TFT display. On the other hand, TFT displays offer exceptional color copy and difference, assembling for a visually attractive viewing experience. The exhibition size of 2.8 inches knocks a proportion between portability and usability, making it straightforward to carry about while still providing sufficient screen real estate for necessary chores such as texting and skimming the web. Overall, the TFT collection and 2.8-inch net length make for a trustworthy and usable display that improves the user’s understanding of the appliance.

  • Builtin Memory & External Memory Specifications

Memory is a critical factor of any gadget, and this device has both built-in remembrance and a micro card slot for an expandable warehouse. The built-in remembering furnishes a baseline amount of repository for apps, media, and files. Nevertheless, with the micros’ card slot, users can develop the device’s storehouse by up to 8 GB, letting them store more photos, videos, and other files without holding to worry about operating out of space.
This variety of built-in and expandable memory assures that users can customize their machine storage to fit their needs, creating a versatile and useful option for day-to-day use.

  • OPhone Stage X32 Front Selfie Camera And Back Main Camera Features

This machine features a 1.3-megapixel main camera and a 2-megapixel front camera.
While the main camera may not have many parts, it still offers primary photo and video-capturing powers, allowing users to record their adventures and remember. On the other hand, the front camera, on the other writing, has a more heightened resolution, making it flawless for handling selfies and video visitations. While it may not have developed features such as picture mode or visual zoom, the variety of the main and front cameras furnishes users with enough functionality to capture and communicate their junctures with others.

  • Connectivity Supported Specs

This appliance features a range of connectivity choices that permit users to stay related and share data with ease. While it may not have Wi-Fi abilities, the device sustains Bluetooth, constructing it easy to communicate files and attach to other Bluetooth-enabled widgets. Similarly, the apparatus also has an FM radio, furnishing users with a timely way to hear their famous stations on the trial. The USB port lets for fast data transfer and assessing, while GPRS and EDGE supply basic data connectivity for web browsing and email.

Meanwhile, the gadget does not help GPS or NFC. These components are not fundamental for all users and do not detract from the general functionality of the widget. Prevalent, the device’s connectivity choices are reliable and straightforward. Which provide the users with the necessary functionality they need to stay interconnected and share data with others. A machine is a flawless option for those seeking a simple, no-frills smartphone that gets the job accomplished.

  • Other Mislenious Features

The parts of this device produce an applicable and functional choice for daily use. The machine has a 3.5 mm audio jack and speakerphone. Supplying users with numerous options for attending to themes or creating calls. While it does not have a built-in browser, users can still send. And obtain SMS and MMS notifications, making it a reliable contact implement. The appliance comes with built-in frolicking and supports downloadable games. Showing users a way to pass the time and enjoy amusement on the go.

The device also features Google Search, Maps, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, and Yahoo apps, providing easy entrance to widespread online assistance. Other segments include auto-call recording, personal information lock, and a torch, which can be useful in low-light troubles. Overall, the components of this machine cater to basic contact and recreation needs creating it a functional. And versatile choice for those seeking a straightforward smartphone.

  • OPhone Stag X32 Battery Capacity, Timing Details

The battery is an important element of any smartphone, and this device has 1000 mAh of power. While not as large as some other smartphone artillery. This power should supply enough fuel to get via a day of primary use, such as texting and completing calls. Regardless, serious users may need to assess the device more repeatedly. Across-the-board, 1000 mAh battery capability is fair for the apparatus’ basic functionality. Making it a useful and reliable option for those examining a simple smartphone.

What Is OPhone Stag X32 Price In Different Countries?
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