Ufone UPower Apni Merzi Chala Offer Cards Details

UFone UPower Apni Merzi Chala Package Details

UFone UPower Apni Merzi Chala Package Details

Ufone is one of the best and long serving mobile communication network serving its customers throughout Pakistan. Keeping in mind the needs of its customers Ufone brings attractive offers time to time for its sim users. Now in 2022 they introduced yet another unique and attractive new internet call sms offer package for its customers named “UPower Apni Merzi Chala“. In this offer Ufone basically introduced three different cards with 30 Rs, 60 Rs and 100 Rs balance in it. Each of the card features different type of resources for the users. So you can now easily select your desired card which perfectly meet your needs at a very low cost. I will tell you all about the Ufone Upower Apni Merzi Chala Package Card Details and how to activate your resources. So keep reading for more information you may required to activate this offer on your sims.

UFone UPower Apni Merzi Chala Package Details

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Ufone UPower Apni Merzi Chala Code & Details

Ufone always take care of its network sim users by introducing new low cost internet call SMS packages from time to time. Upower is such an offers which make all the needs of the customers either he want low resources or need a high bundle of free minutes, internet mbs or need a lot of SMS to contact their family and love ones. Mainly Ufone Upower Apni Merzi Chala is three different type of cards and each of the card has a different free resources for its customers. So first of all you need to know all the three cards and the free resources that it will provide you when you activate it.

UFone Daily Upower 30 RS. Card Details

The first mini daily package named as Daily Upower which charges 30 RS. for all the resources from the available four options.

  1. In option one you can have all in one free resources of 200 On net Ufone and Ptcl free minutes, 250 free mbs internet, and 10 free offnet minutes to call on all other networks. These resources are only available for 24 hours only.
  2. The second option allow you to select 1 GB Free Internet for 24 hours or one day.
  3. In the third option the ufone sim user can get 25 Offnet free minutes to call all the other sim networks in Pakistan.
  4. The fourth option offers the users an unlimited calls minutes from ufone to ufone and all ptcl numbers for next 24 hours.

How To Subscribe To Ufone Upower 30 RS Daily Card Offer

To subscribe to any of the above said option you just need to dial *123*option code (1 or 2 or 3 or 4)*Card Number# it will active your card valid for 24 hours with the selected resources you select in the option code.

Ufone 2 Day Upower 60 RS. Card Details

The second card is valid for 48 hours or two days and charges you only 60 Rs for all the four option resources like in the first package.

  1. In option 1 you have all in one resources of 500 free MBs internet, 500 On Net Ufone and PTCL minutes, and 20 Off net minutes valid for two days.
  2. The second option of 2 Day Upower offer allow you to get 2 GB Free Internet for two days.
  3. In option 3 you can select 50 Free Minutes to call on all the other networks in Pakistan.
  4. The last and fourth option allow you to get Unlimited Ufone To Ufone and PTCL calls minutes valid for 48 hours.

How To Subscribe To Ufone 2 Day Upower 60 RS Card Offer

If you are a ufone sim network user and want to activate the two day 60 RS card resources on you sim? Just dial *123* Option Code From 1 to 4*Card Number#. After press the send button the offer will be activate on your number which is valid for next 48 hours only.

Ufone Weekly Upower 100 RS Card Details

If you want to get free sms, minutes, or internet for 7 days and you are a Ufone Sims Network user. Here is the best offer for you. Ufone Weekly Upower 100 Rs card allow you to select your desired resources. From the best 4 options available in this card.

  1. Option 1 allow you to get 1000 on net free minutes for a week, 1 GB free internet for 7 days. And 25 off net minutes to call on any other network in Pakistan.
  2. In the option 2 the customer get 3 GB Free Internet valid for one week (7 Days)
  3. While if you select option 3 you can get 80 off net minutes to call any other network in Pakistan.
  4. Option 4 allow you to get Unlimited Ufone to Ufone and Ptcl call minutes for 7 days.

How To Subscribe To Ufone 7 Days Upower 100 Card Offer

If you want to get these resources for 7 days (One week) you just have to dial *123*option code*Card Number#. Press send and wait a few seconds and it will be activated on your sim card for next 7 days.

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