What Is Telenor Load Balance Advance Loan 2023?

Telenor company has introduced a new and useful offer for its customers who accidentally get out of balance and have to make immediate calls or send SMS in any type of emergency. It is named “Telenor Load Balance Advance Loan“. This allows the users to get some prepaid sim balance to use in an emergency for making important calls, sending any essential SMS, or using the internet for a small period. You can use this loan advance balance amount as your original sim balance for any type of package subscription etc.

Telenor Load Balance Advance Loan

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But you must know that it’s not obtainable for those who have bought the new prepaid sim. As well as those who are not also eligible for the advance loan and already have gotten it once. Similarly, if you do not load any balance into your prepaid sims you will not accumulate the benefit of this package too. This offer is not also available for Telenor postpaid sim users. So if you want to get the advance loan on your sim and you fulfill all the above criteria you must follow these steps to successfully add credit to your sim instantly.

How To Get Telenor Load Balance Advance Loan Via SMS & Code?

Basically, there are two different types of methods to subscribe and get the applicable amount balance on your sim. The first one is via sending a text message to the service center. And in the second method, you must dial the string number to get the advance loan for your prepaid sim.

  • Get Advance Balance Via SMS Method

Type the SMS text message “PAYG” and send it to the 4444 service center number. Soon you will receive the service reply after processing your request. And if you are eligible you will have to confirm the service center message with 1. It will add the balance amount to your prepaid sim.

Get Advance Loan Balance Via String Code

The second method needs the customers to dial the subscription number which is *0# and press submit to request their advance balance. Soon after receiving your request for an advance balance, they will send you a confirmation message that dear customer you are eligible to get a 30 PKR advance balance if you want to get the amount dial 1. When you reply with 1, the eligible balance amount of the advance loan will add to your prepaid sim balance and you can use it for any purposes you want.

The company did not allow the loan balance multiple times. Like other networks allow the users to get the load balance again and again.

After you load a balance in your sim card and the previous loan amount with additional charges. Rs 3.50 PKR was deducted from your balance. You are once again eligible to get the loan amount balance once again.

Moreover during the loan time if you want to migrate from the network to any other sim network in Pakistan. You are not eligible to perform this action. First, you have to refund the loan amount to the network by getting the prepaid sim load. And then you can migrate to any other network.

The validity of the advance load balance is 30 days and after that. It will expire and you might not use it for any purposes anymore.

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